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Curly Bun Comb Clip

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Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip
Curly Bun Comb Clip

Stop wasting time in creating those perfect buns!

Getting curly bun is such a nice way to style your hair especially for parties, but it’s hard to avoid damages along the process. Totally stay away from the damages and just use the Curly Bun Comb Clip.

The Curly Bun Comb Clip is designed to instantly have curly buns without needing hot curlers and just attaching the soft comb clips to your natural hair. These are made with premium-quality materials that make it look like your natural hair, too. It also features a super elastic band that will ensure that through thick or thin, it will fit.


  • Time Savior:
    Just 1 click this to your natural hair and you’ll have the perfect curly bun!
  • Instant Voluminous:
    Tackle thin hair problem! Just a clip to have thicker & soft messy bun even you are in short hair!
  • Premium Synthetic Hair:
    It is made with high-quality materials that make the bun look like authentic hair.
  • Soft Comb Clips:
    Easy to put it on / off your hair, it's super light weight so you won't feel it while wearing the bun.
  • Well Sewn:
    The hair and the clips are well sewn to ensure bond and to avoid fallout.
  • Super Elastic Band:
    It has elastic bands to be able to stretch depending on the thickness and volume of the natural hair.
  • Multi-Usage:
    Get creative! This Clip can helps you get all classy look instantly!



  • Weight: 80g
  • Material Grade: High-Temperature Fiber


  • 1 x Curly Bun Comb Clip