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Handy Professional Blade Sharpener

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Handy Professional Blade Sharpener
Handy Professional Blade Sharpener
Handy Professional Blade Sharpener
Handy Professional Blade Sharpener
Handy Professional Blade Sharpener
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Sharpen truly dull blades and knives the SAFEST way, even when on-the-go! No special skills required! 

This Handy Professional Blade Sharpener guarantees razor-sharp blades, WITHIN SECONDS and in just a few strokes!


Engineered with extremely hard Steel Carbide blades. Uses Professional grade Sharpener to quickly hone knives and blades.

It also features a blade sharpening slot that serves as a guide to sharpening precisely at the most ideal angle.

No more guessing or failed trial-and-error as with traditional knife sharpeners. Blade sharpening has never been so easier with this handy tool!

Effectively restores even the most dull blades; blade edges honed and polished to its ultimate sharpness!

Hard-wearing and High-corrosion resistant

Its Carbide blades stay sharp even after repeated use. 



Ergonomic Non-slip Handle made from unbreakable material - Comfortably and safely fits in your hand whether outdoors or in the kitchen. 

Evenly lightweight for perfect balance while sharpening


Just hold the knife edge up on a hard surface and wipe the "V" down the blade with light pressure a few times.

Finger Guard system ensures your utmost safety. The spacious handle provides maximum comfort and control while providing 100% protection.

This is the perfect portable sharpening accessory. It is lightweight and so easy to carry around ANYWHERE!

Bring it with you when camping, traveling, outdoor adventure, etc to have a handy sharpener wherever you are! 


Works on variety of knives and blades in various sizes.

Suitable for home and outdoor blades like Chef knives, shovel, pocket knives, fish knives, even axes, and shovels!

Don’t wait for your knives and blades to badly deteriorate when you can easily keep it in MINT condition... Get this Handy Professional Blade Sharpener for a foolproof way to sharpen blades, TODAY!!!


Material: ABS, Carbide
Dimension: 16 x 5.5 x 4 cm
Net Weight: 55 grams